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This weekend I worked Saturday and Sunday so I brought with me all of my gear to create Encaustic Hot Wax paintings, at the Blackhawk Gallery. The process is slow so it was great being able to make use of my time, when I wasn't talking to prospective clients, who wandered into the gallery. It was also exciting to explain my creative process and introduce people to Encaustic work. It's an art form that isn't all that common in galleries, so people are intrigued when they see what it is all about. An artist should not only be able to create professional work, but also be able to educate the public and speak with authority about what they do, and have at least a general knowledge of art. Not every artist has a formal education in the arts, I never went to college, but I have taught myself over the years and made it a point to understand the Art World. When you have a passion for something you can get the audience excited too, and so, this weekend was fabulous as I talked with all who entered the Blackhawk Gallery. Everyone left happy and educated about Encaustic Hot Wax paintings. One happy client left with one of my small but precious pieces, of an Encaustic Beach scene. Demonstrations will continue on the weekends for the month of November. Perhaps you'll drop by and I can share with you this Amazing Process!

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