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The next Phase - VENUS

I covered my resin base with blue painters tape, to protect the Resin Surface, from the nicks I might get with sanding. My arms are sore, but it's well worth it. I got a lot of sanding done yesterday on both the Base and the VENUS wedge. I squared the base with the wedge, standing it up and balancing it, which was exciting.

Next my husband needs to drill a hole through the base and up the wedge, so they can be connected. It won't be a permanent connection, because I want to be able to transport it easier and avoid any unnecessary damage. The weight alone with both parts would be more than I can handle on my own. And being the independent person I am, I like being able to transport my work on my own, just in case. It's nice to have help, but you really can't count on it. Life happens and your helper may need to bow out at the last moment.

I am a big believer in always having a Plan B and C if necessary. CHEERS!


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