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My Work

My Passion


I have a Muse that shows up in my work from time to time. More times than not, she will have her back to the viewing audience and other times you will find her a Faceless woman, where your imagination will fill in the blanks. She is created, filled with the "Spirit of Aloha," her hair flowing in the unseen breeze. Mysterious and Sensual she stops you for a moment as you connect.

She is one of my favorite pieces and has now found a new home. Much like the Graceful Dance of Hawaiians (my ancestors) I hope these paintings fill you with Joy and Love, as I feel Blessed to be able to share "My Work My Passion," with you. Mahalo ~

Lei Greeter at Waters Edge

Landscape & Floral
There is something special that happens when I paint. Being Hawaiian I feel very connected to Flowers and the Ocean when painting these subjects. I feel them come alive in my hands, swaying this way or that, telling their stories. I feel artists are conduits, grabbing and processing emotions and information that lives in the very air we breath. At times I'm driven and guided, a painting appearing before my eyes and other times it's a struggle, the connection unclear. As much as I bring life to my canvas, it gives me life, when I'm creating. 

Contact the Artist:    PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com

Painting to Theme

After painting for many years, there have been times when I'm challenged to "Theme Paint." This will happen when there's an Open Call to artists, at times, and also when hanging your work in an establishment. I've found many artists don't like this way of painting because it may not inspire them, but I like the idea of pushing yourself "To Become" inspired, and find something, some angle about the Theme, that will direct your creative juices. This takes practice and trust in yourself, that you will find the way, directed by your Muse and that Unseen Hand that drives and guides you. Many years ago, I lead an Art Critique and we did just that. I would get an idea of a theme the group would be willing to paint. If they wanted to hang there work at a venue I developed a partnership with, they would have to come up with something that would fit that theme. It was fun and challenging. We pushed ourselves and each other, which I feel helped us grow as artists. 

Blue Floral Love Letter
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