Painting Plein Air (out of doors) is something I push myself to do. As a Surrealist I enjoy the art of creating images of things Not Seen, but I find it important to push yourself as an artist, and do things that may be uncomfortable or new, in order to discover your hidden talent and to become a more well rounded artist. A group I direct on the FIRST SUNDAY of each month, ACC / Art Critique & Coffee, will meet at various locations. At times we will meet at the Blackhawk Gallery, 3416 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Danville. Other times we will meet around town and out of doors for our Critique or to paint Plein Air. (temporarily on hold) Either way, whatever I create in oil, I tend to Texture the Canvas first, and then Rub paint into the groves and Rub the paint off, layering colors and depth. This Process is something that has given many of my pieces an identifiable look ~ Most of my paintings have Heavy Texture created by my palette knife, before the image takes shape and shows me the way to what wants to be Created. It's more of an Intuitive process, than anything else.

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A Muse that I draw upon more times than not, a Faceless Woman with Flowing Ethereal Hair ~ This gives the work an atmosphere of Spiritual mystery as well as a Sensual feeling, depending on the scene in the painting and the Viewer. Preferring to let the viewer use their imagination and paint in the features of their choice, you may see some of my subjects with their back to the viewing audience or if facing forward, faceless. I will create some works with features, and have been told that there are some paintings that resemble Celebrities, unintended of course ~

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My Work

My Passion

Claudette McDermott 


There are times when I paint according to a chosen Theme, to create a Series of Paintings. I hang my work around town and Partnering with Local Businesses, at times, I offer to paint a Theme that works with their establishments. Most businesses enjoy hanging Local Artists work, that beautify their walls at no added cost and gives the Artists a place to Share their Passion, Art ~ Not all businesses ask me to paint to theme, so there are some paintings that I hang that are pieces I think the public will enjoy, changing it out every month or two, to keep them coming back for more of what that business has to offer and to see what I am hanging next. Clients can contact me direct, to purchase my paintings they see hanging "Around Town." ~ Free Local Delivery ~ Currently & Periodically, Hanging At These Locations: **BLACKHAWK Gallery - 3416 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Danville ~ **STARBUCKS - Hartz Avenue, Danville ~ **HARRINGTON Gallery / Firehouse Art Center - 4444 Railroad Avenue, Pleasanton ~ **VILLAGE Theatre Art Gallery - 233 Front Street, Danville ~ **TULLY'S - 349 Main Street, Pleasanton ~ **MANGIA MI - 234 Main Street, Pleasanton ~ **MUSEUM ON MAIN - Main Street, Pleasanton

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Contact the Artist:    PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com