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Artist / Art Activist


Artist / Art Activist / Curator / Facilitator

Gallery & Fine Art Juried Shows,  Exhibitions
Pictured : The Rotunda PRIMAVERA exhibit
by Claudette McDermott
WindowBox  Displays
Community             Partners
STARBUCKS - MANGA MI - TULLY'S - CORNER BAKERY - ALI'S CAFE - PEDDLER SHOPPE - BERRI PATCH - LINDSEY DIRKX - FIREHOUSE ART CENTER ... Some open their doors to Local Artists and others don't. Approach your local Merchants with an open mind and open heart.

I've always liked the idea of walking into a Local shop and seeing Local Art on their walls. It tells me that this business, is truely part of the community, in which it relies upon, and is willing to invest in that Community. I will switch out my work (and other fellow artists work) every 1-2 months, so clients can enjoy our diverse works, of Original Fine Art, adding to the Clients experience while in Local Establishments. Want a certain theme? Just ask!



      *Contact me to display my work at your place of Business.

Find out where my work is being displayed within your community.  E-mail me:  PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com


Trade Show Exhibitions

Interested in my Original Designs in METAL Jewelry? Drop me a line and custom order something in Sterling Silver, Brass or Copper or purchase what you see:

Knot Chain Links in

Sterling Silver

Brass or

Copper in Custom lengths.

Ask for a Quote:

Participating in the International Art Expo in New York as a Solo Artist, was a great experience. Shipping and setting up my work, meeting artists from all over the world and learning the in & out of a Trade Show Exhibition, was priceless. A Must for any Serious Artist.


At the Pier NYC

At the Pier NYC

Everyone setting up at the same time was strange and exciting all at the same time.

Starbucks NYC

Starbucks NYC

Taking time out and getting a much needed cup of Coffee

Park Avenue Armoery

Park Avenue Armoery


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