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Care of your RESIN Objects of Art & Function

While Resin hardens and is a Great Protective surface for your Fluid Paintings, it can get scratched, so handle them with Care. Each piece is an Original and can not be reproduced. Gently Clean when needed with Wet Alcohol Wipes. I use Lysol and Clorox brands.


Be sure to keep out of direct light if possible. Most Fine Art can be compromised if exposed to Direct Sun, Direct Heat or Extream Cold. My Resin is Food Safe and Heat resistant to 100 degrees.


*Perfect for serving assorted cold meats, fruit and cheese, Charcuterie* (with use of platters) and dealing with heat from a coffee cup (with use of coasters). Store Flat, otherwise it may become misshapped. Lay flat and it will flatten out. If needed apply a little heat by waving a hair dryer back and forth a few times to soften the ArtResin, and it will return to a flat shape. 


If you ever have a "MissHap" with the Resin Works you've bought from me, scratches, let me know. I may be able to repair it for a small fee.  PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com


Enjoy your Resin paintings, Sculptures and Trinkets and notice, depending on the lighting, colors sparkel and dance, become richer or subtle. There is something Magical about ArtRESIN.


Metallic, Translucent and Mat coloring added to Clear Resin, then Poured to Create Unexpected layers of Beautiful Combinations. No two pieces can ever be duplicated but with your choice of colors, I can make something that you will treasure for a lifetime. Custom Work Accepted just ask!


Sampling of COLOR OPTIONS Available - I ship within the United States only *

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