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Art Associations

Your Voice becomes Larger when you work together

When I first started on this ride, of being an "Artist," it was exciting (and still is) and scary all at the same time. The only thing I knew, was that I had to explore it and make it a part of my life. My kids had grown to the point of being fairly independent, so now it was my time and my husband was very supportive, and still is :) 

I jumped in opened myself up for all sorts of experiences, too numerous to mention. I've been a part of and lead many art groups, had a couple of shops/boutiques and now focusing on the ArtWork itself.


I wanted to share the associations I belong to, in case there are others out there that are interested in joining. There are fees connected to these organizations, usually minimal, but the important part that I can not stress, is that you NEED TO VOLUNTEER, to keep these organizations going. If not they die. There aren't many opportunities out there, if you are not a part of some art association or other, believe me I've been there!


NorCALWax Painters - NEW! $10 fee

DAC - Dublin Arts Collective $25 annual fee

AVA - Alliance for the Visual Arts FREE

AANV - Art Association NAPA Valley (member) $50 year

PAL - Pleasanton Art League $50 annual fee

LAA  - Livermore Art Association $50 annual fee

PAL - Pacific Art League - $100 annual fee

CAL - Coastal Arts League - $50 annual donation

Let’s Work Together

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