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Just thought I'd add something that is more about me... well this

website is "All About Me" but what I want to touch base on, are my Random Thoughts on This and That, which might not be All About Art or All About Me ~ As an Active Artist I run into all sorts of people and situations. If you've got a calm moment in your life, check this page out and see what's up, who I've run into, what I'm checking out...what I'm dealing with.

A   Day   in   the   Life   of   an   Artist

In & Out with the Artist ~

SUNDAY FEB. 4, 2024 

A NEW YEAR! I have to say that the past year has taken a toll on me health wise. Getting older is not for sissies I've heard, and I agree... Getting older puts challenges in your path and I'm trying to handle it best I can. It feels like it's happened overnight! I'm 68 now, I've always lived a fairly healthy active life in the hopes that I will age gracefully. Well I'm finding that it's not all under our control, in fact very little is. All of a sudden I'm dealing with an elevated/high blood pressure! What?! I've always been an easy going person, not letting much get to me, eat very healthy and get regular exercise. Guess that's not enough. So while I try to figure this out, I'm trying to not stay too much in my head about it as I am finding it's giving me "Anxiety" which makes it worse... Meanwhile I will try to continue to work on my art creations as that does give me joy, but I also need to stay active selling my work too, otherwise I'll end up with a household of "Stuff" oozing from the rafters :) Don't think my family would like that.

February is proving to be a wet one and I love the sound, but it's been keeping me indoors. Looking forward to spring and praying we don't have as hot a summer as we have had in 2023. I just can't handle the sun the way I used to and I'm Hawaiian!!!  Not too proud to say I can take all the prayers for a healthy 2024 as I can get, thank you. I pray for a healthier and more peaceful year for the world in 2024. It's all in God's hands as we try our best to do our best and hope that the outcome will be a positive one. CHEERS!


Tuesday August 29, 2023 

It's been a crazy hot summer, so hot that when I did a couple of street shows it made me ill. Not just me but many people are getting ill from being in the heat for an extended amount of time. Not sure if I'll continue doing street shows, even under a tent, during the summer months again. I am enjoying doing these street shows when the weather cooperates. Meeting and chatting with my clients, explaining my process of painting with wax or my resin creations. There is a joy that comes from sharing my work and knowing someone is happy to have my work in their private homes. I'm currently working on an exhibit for the Orinda Library for the month of September and another Street Fair in Walnut Creek on September 16 for Makers Market. Come check it out and say Hi! 

P.S. My Heart goes out to those on Maui, dealing with the divesting fires that destroyed the historical town of Lahaina. Please give what you can to help those that have lost their homes and jobs during this time of struggle. Help them rebuild their lives MAHALO ~ #MauiStrong 

Sunday April 2, 2023 

I've been so busy lately, building up my inventory so I can show at a number of exhibitions at the same time this year. A year of spreading my wings and being in a lot of different places. I'm in Napa, Half Moon Bay, Palo Alto, Walnut Creek, Livermore, Pleasanton and Orinda these days. Not all at once but a few at the same time :) Keeping busy keeps you young! It never feels like work when your Passion is in your Work such as Art for me. I've really developed my own style now with Encaustic Hot Wax painting, and I've also opened up a world of Resin for myself too. Hitting the Streets with Art & Wine Festivals look for me and you just might find me with special prices for these events. When you're in a gallery or a venue a percentage of the sale goes to the venue or gallery. When I do street festivals that is normally not the case, but at times they too want a percentage of the sale along with a space fee. So don't be surprised when you see different prices of the same art in a gallery than in a street festival or their website. There are reasons you may not be aware of for price differences. 

On with the show! Check out my event page to see where I'll be next, stop in and say CHEERS!


Tuesday September 28, 2022 

It's been awhile since I've posted anything here. A lot has been going on and time is flying by. Yes I've been getting out and about masked and careful to keep it outdoors and as little risk as possible. Still wearing a mask in the grocery store and eating out with outside areas only. Got my second booster shot a week before deciding to fly to Hawaii, my homeland and celebrate my birthday with my husband. I knew it was a risk, but with our shots we had hoped for the best. Unfortunately on the plane very few work masks....WHY?! We wore our masks and all went well until we returned home 5 days later. First my husband felt odd and we took a home test, he was positive and I was negative. 3 days later I tested positive after symptoms of what I thought was my hay fever. DAMN! My symptoms were not as harsh as my husbands because of my 2nd booster shot. He only had the one booster and it had been awhile ago. Fortunately we are OK at least for now. Who knows in the long run how it will effect our health and well being. Only God knows and may he have Mercy on us all ~ Hawaii was amazing, but if I knew what I know now, I wouldn't have gone....


It feels like an attempt at Ukraine extinction! 

A word about the Russian invasion upon Ukraine. In this day and age of supposed Civilized behavior, Russia has proven that a real threat to the world exists and has no fear of retaliation because the rest of the world is more Civilized in their behavior and will move slower, to insure what they do, does not escalate to a point where the destruction of the World, could happen. The dreams of World Domination is something you expect in the Movies with Marvel, not the real world.  Putin has those real dreams and as he hides behind lies that are so transparent, we the rest of the world, are horrified with the LOSS OF LIFE of innocent people that reflects the rein of Hitler.... God help us if those in power continue to allow this to happen....


Finally feeling more confident and getting out and about after 2 years of a Pandemic where so many lives were lost and many others left very ill. Wine Tasting with long time friends, with much laughter and catching up. Livermore Valley is close to home and has an amazing amount of wineries, so that's where we were. Afterwards we went to Del Val and Rhonda and her husband who are now RVers, cooked up some dinner and we chatted around the campfire. A day long in the waiting and well spent with close friends.


Tuesday August 17, 2021

On the Art Front, I am enjoying working with my 12" silicon mold making Small TableTops, Lazy Susan Platters and soon clocks :) Assorted styles in themes: Wine, Beach and others to come. Keep checking back CHEERS!

Back to masking indoors because of the Delta variant of COVID taking off like wildfire. Still many remain with the Republican political point of view and won't vaccinate, and refuse to wear masks any chance they get. Politics have no place when it comes to our Health and Wellbeing, ridiculous! This is the reason according to the professionals, that we are still seeing hospitalizations and death among those infected with the virus. Most of the infected are those that have not been vaccinated while those vaccinated that happen to get COVID get infected with minor effects. The proof is in the pudding people!!! Get Vaxed, no way around it.


Monday June 21, 2021

As of June 15th California has lifted restrictions on wearing masks and distancing, as long as you've had your vaccination shots. It's heaven to not have a fear of possibly ending up in the hospital on a ventilator or worse...

I've also joined up with a group in the TriValley TVAST / #TriValleyArtistStudioTour  and will be hanging my work along with other artists of this group, at the Panama Bay Coffee in Livermore. We will take turns 2 at a time on two small walls each month changing out our work. I'm hanging 3 small Encaustic paintings with an Ocean Beach Theme. They are a few of my very favorites, please stop by and check them out. In November there will be 40+ TVAST Artists showing their work in the Tri Valley and I will be showing in Livermore at the Bothwell Nov 12-14.

In October I'll be exhibiting one of my most recent Encaustic Hot Wax paintings, and have been Awarded 2nd Place in Fine Art Mixed Media! I'm honored to have been acknowledged for my work with this award. Awards are few and far between for most artists, so this was a surprise! 

Thursday April 29, 2021

Now that California is opening up more and more, stores, galleries and restaurants (and I'm fully vaccinated!!) I'm on the hunt for a New Gallery to represent and exhibit my work year round. After leaving the Blackhawk Gallery in Danville in October of Last year, I am now free to spread my wings and fly to try something new.


At the moment I have my eyes on the city of Palo Alto. I used to live there years ago, and love the downtown area, a very international community and with the Stanford Campus connected to it along with the Stanford Mall it is sure to please. I'll be going this weekend to check out 2 galleries and enjoy the area once again. It's been so long since I've been out and about!!


Thursday April 15, 2021

While 2020 was a Year of Fear with COVID19, the year of Promise of Better Things to come is what 2021 is shaping up to be. Vaccines are now available for everyone as of today with choices of Pfizer, Moderna and J&J (even though they have haulted the use of J&J because of a 6/1,000,000 chance of getting blood clots). I like that they have stopped J&J vaccinations and we have a choice of the other two without those possible side effects or risks. My family have all gotten Pfizer, which is considered the best of options, even though they don't like to admit it, the science behind it shows that it is true. 

I'm looking forward to my daughter visiting over the weekend since she moved out for the first time to San Francisco with her BFF for a year. Her roommate wants to move to Colorado in a year. She won't be able to afford a 2 bedroom on her own so coming back home is always an option :) which I won't mind at all! I love having my kids home with me. They are all working, respectful and law abiding citizens, so it's smooth sailing. Her room is empty so I just ordered some wallpaper and will be making a few changes, but still making it available for her visits whenever the mood strikes her (which I hope is often!).


Sunday December 6, 2020

As the numbers continue to rise, after airports filled with travelers NEEDING to visit with friends, loved ones or just get away for Thanksgiving...SO DUMB, we see again that people continue to make bad decisions, while the rest of us bunker down and wait it out. We sacrifice but not everyone does, ruining it for the rest of us. It's insane to me, but at least the governor of California is taking charge and shutting things down for a few weeks, again. Some complain, the selfish ones, the desperate ones and Trumpers, who feel their rights are trampled on because they can't enjoy a day or night doing what ever the hell they want, damn the virus and anyone who gets in their way...


Starting tomorrow all dinning is off, and only pick up available, so downtown Pleasanton was filled with tables packed with unmasked heathens devouring their moments. Another Super Spreader on the way no doubt! Outdoors without masking and distancing is a recipe for disaster, but do they care? No! Those are the ones that should be getting this virus, not the rest of us. I don't want anyone to die but I just want them to get real sick, sick enough to make them change their thinking and actions... Lord hear my prayer ~

Tuesday November 17, 2020

I've been working hard getting my backyard, deck and greenhouse ready for the rain that is touching down as we speak! Winterizing I call it :) Through this crazy time of COVID I'd not given much time to cleaning, just feeding my artist side that brings me joy. Now that I've pulled out of a gallery, and I have time on my hands, I've started reorganizing my home studio and working in my garden. Yesterday I painted a shelf unit and this morning moved it into the greenhouse where I sealed it with a nice coat of clear shellac. Now an assortment of small succulents and starter Spider plants adorn the shelves and are kept from the rain and cold that we are now experiencing. My Snow Peas, Cherry tomatoes and a few others are snug in the greenhouse and will continue to share with me their bounty. I love my Greenhouse I also call my "She Shack."


Wednesday october 14, 2020

What do you call a gallery, that demands you make changes a few days before an exhibition opening, then refuses to refund you your exhibition fees when you don't agree to the changes? The Blackhawk Gallery, 3416 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Danville.

What?! Who does that....


saturday october 10, 2020

As COVID19 and the Presidential race ramps up, there is a noticeble change that NEEDS to take place. We have all changed the way we live, not because we want to, but to survive the best way we can. That makes me take a closer look at myself and reflect how I'm doing and where I'm going as an artist. I'm making a move because my work has evolved and my ideas are growing as I develope new creations in Encaustic Hot Wax paintings and Resin ART & FUNCTION works. After 7 years with the same gallery, I don't see them changing...and it made me make a change. I did try to infuse some New Ideas into the gallery, I do like most of the people there and their work, but it fell on deaf ears. So it's time to seek out and find a better fit. Hmmm note to self "Must play Lotto." I would LOVE TO OPEN MY OWN little Fine Art Gallery...again. if I only had the financing and the world were in a better place. Perhaps its just time to reorganize my Studio (Messy!!) and prepare for the Next Year. Yup That's the Ticket.


Send me a shout out if you have any ideas on how you are changing it up for yourself to get ready for 2021. I'd love to hear what you have to say!



Looking at my last entry...Before the storm of COVID19 & CA Fires of 2020... "2020 has been AMAZING,"   Amazingly Horrible!

CA Fires 2020: 1.35M Acres Burn In 700 Fires In Less Than 2 Weeks ~ This past week California has been ablaze with fires all over that strained our Fire Departments with personnel and equipment. What might have 4,000 firefighters attending to fires in certain locations were down to a little over 1000. It all started with a CLUSTER LIGHTNING STORM that hit California for a couple of hours in the Bay Area and throughout California starting fires that created horribly dangerous air quality and alerts to evacuations. Help came from outside of California as well as volunteers though the Correctional Facilities. Since COVID hit us hard in March, the Jail system / Correctional Facilities, were being relieved of it's non violent offenders and those were the ones that were able to fight along side our professional fire fighters. With a lack of volunteers and too many fires to deal with as we would normally expect during fire season, California was in deep trouble. One week from the start of this historical event, we were told to possibly expect a repeat from the storm, which had alerts in two levels. One alert was a mandatory evacuation, and the other to be ready to evacuate if given the order. It came to the edge of Pleasanton (my home town) and Livermore. We got our go bags ready just in case!

COVID19 ~ 8 months and counting - 180,000 dead in the US alone. A word about this virus that has the world spinning....Death and millions infected around the world, some seem to almost be ammune, or they have slight reactions to this virus. Starting in China and carried throughout the world via travel, our current President Trump, paid no attention to what the CDC professionals and Scientests were saying, made this a pandemic of the century that we will be suffering with for years to come. Sheltering in place since March 15, businesses closing and many going out of business, millions jobless, homeless... Trump supporters blind to the reality of what our president has done to the United States before this and during this horrible time, where they  disregarded the educated and professional establishment over having a republican political hold. Trump wants testing to stop, because it makes him look bad as the numbers climb. Presure put on CDC, and the medical community... to give fake news as he wants a positive spin on things. November can't come fast enough to begin to repair the damage this president has done to our country. God Save us All, Lord hear my prayer. Please Vote, every vote counts. Trump is even tryinig to make voting near to impossible by interfearing with the US POSTAL service, putting his man in charge, pulling out mail boxes and sorting machines...demanding NO Mail in Voting, as he mails his vote in, and the list goes on. Unfair, illegal acts, a trator to the people he vowed to protect... He belongs in jail. *Breath, just Breath, I have to tell myself*



A New Year and I'm brimming with New Ideas. I love to expriment and learn new forms of Art. I've been working with Resin lately and expanding what I'm making calling it "Objects of Art & Function." I'm exhibiting and selling my work at the Blackhawk Gallery in Danville, daily, so I can get an idea how the public reacts to what I'm creating. Pretty items that are beautiful on their own but also useful, like Charcuterie Boards :) They have been a great hit, and I've been able to keep them pretty reasonably priced compared to the same products out there made of Resin. Since adding a Band Sander to my tool shed, it's opened up a new world. I used to hand sand, but using a band sander helps so much more and keeps my sanding much more even. Cutting time as well and improvement on the end result, making it easier on my hands too. I'm in heaven! I'm also looking to add to my many tools a Lathe so I can turn (spin shaving) some resin items. Again this tool will open up a new world of possibilities with Resin. Stay tuned! 2020 is TURNING out to be AMAZING!


TUESDAY december 17, 2019

The Christmas tree is up and I'm putting out less decorations each year, as the kids become adults, it's not as necessary. Looking ahead to 2020 it amazes me and I can't help but smile. A new year around the corner with new opportunities and the promise of bright tomorrows. This past couple of years have brought experimentation in my art with Encaustic and Resin painting, so I can't wait to see what I'll be testing out next. Wishing you all a bright and exciting New Year!



I've been in the studio working and trying to be patient as I work with Resin. I'm taking on the challenge of SLUMPING Resin. I've done this with Glass before, so it's not a new idea, but it's the first time I've tried it with RESIN, and I love it :) I just have to learn patience. After pouring and designing the imagery, shape and anything else, you have to wait anywhere from 4 or more hours before you can actually begin the SLUMPING Process. For my OCEAN SERIES I've have to wait 9 hours or more. Now I have to wait 72 hours or more before it cures enough to the point of holding its shape. I was surfing the web and came across several artists doing this and sharing their thoughts and process, so I was inspired to give it a go myself. Once I finish some basic shapes, I will expand and get Unique with my RESIN SCULPTURES. Say Tuned!


OK catching you up, Loralee and I both did not get the honor of being the Label Artist for Wente this year, but a fellow artist in the Blackhawk Gallery did. Happy for her and I hope she enjoys the journey, I wish her well and I am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with and cheering her on. Maybe I'll take another stab at it next year....


Thursday August 15, 2019

It's kinda sorta official... after throwing my hat in the ring of I don't know how many artist for an Open Call / Call to Artrist to be honored with creating artwork for a Wine label, I passed the first round, but so far no call for round 2. I'm pretty sure I'm off their list now, because a good friend was called for round 2, very recently, to then inform her when she can bring 2-3 pieces of work for a look see in person. I'm so happy for her (truly) because I knew her work would make a beautiful wine label. I believe in sharing what you have, opportunities, food, whatever, so I told her to give it a try and she got in, so far. I hope to see her work on a wine label real soon. I think the first release will be in October. Congrats Loralee Chapleau a fabulous Impressionistic Landscape Artist, in Danville, and my good friend (((hugs))).


Wednesday May 15, 2019

After a great opening exhibition at the Village Theatre, all the Unleashed Dogs are out and about in downtown Danvlle. Pick up a map at the Village Theatre on Front Street, then enjoy a stroll around town to see all these amazing Artful Creatures. The Auction to own one of the cuties happens at the Village Theatre on September 19th. NOW I'm getting ready for my first STREET FAIR in Walnut Creek this weekend May 18 & 19th!! ART ON THE MAIN will be all weekend long RAIN OR SHINE (the rain just started :(  Hope you hang in there and stop by for some AMAZING DISCOUNTED PRICES on some of my Latest Small ENCAUSTIC paintings XOXO


Saturday  February 9, 2019

I can't believe it's been so long since I've written on this blog page... I've been busy creating and running around. Life can be that way. In a blink of an eye a year can fly by! I'm sitting in the Blackhawk Gallery doing my shifts (I signed up for an all day, 3 shift Saturday) and thought I'd do a DEMO DAY and haul my Encaustic gear here and do my thing. Talking and showing prospective clients how I make my Encaustic work is fun and the public that comes into the gallery is truly interested in the Process. But..... the forcast is RAIN RAIN AND MORE RAIN, so I decided at the last minute to leave it behind and just bring completed pieces. A new Exhibition will be starting next week so I decided to bring my new work and a few extras in to the gallery and who knows, perhaps a few sales to start the next 10 weeks off. Sure enough, one of my new smaller pieces sold! My series of Birds on a Wire are so sweet. A couple came in and fell in love with my Encaustic Tree series and Birds on a Wire series. They purchased one of each, and were so happy which made me so happy, because it's going to a home where it will be appreciated for the work and not just to match a couch ;) This rainy day was not a gloomy day, because it turned out to be a day of sharing my passion with those who care. CHEERS! Wishing you all a day full of Passion for what Drives your Joy ~


Wednesday  October 2, 2018

A day of ups and downs and a visit to Rosenblum Cellars Tasting Room in Jack London Square... it will remain in my memories. 


A great day out, with my friend Loralee, had a fabulous lunch and bought a Kayaking paddle, that I will use next week. Counting my Blessings ~ An Artist Needs to have a Thick Skin, but mine is wearing thin...


MONDAY  August 13, 2018

Today was a tough day. Life gets hectic but I always make time for friends, even if it's been a long time inbetween get togethers, when it happens it feels like only days have passed. An Artist friend of mine that has been a joy for the last 2 years that we've gotten closer, is in the process of transitioning from this life to the next. She's spiritual but not religious and I'm a combination of both. I thought she was going to be OK with her heart issues, she was strong and determined... but now within a matter of a few months, it's gotten from bad to worse, and now there's nothing left to do. I had to say goodbye, and it breaks my heart. So with a heavy heart I have to accept that there will be no more laughter and girl time at the gallery where we used to meet, share stories and giggle like school girls. Andrea, Pat and Me were "The Girls," the "3 Amigas" are just a memory now. God Bless you Andrea, I pray your transition will be smooth, painless, peaceful and joyful in it's own way. You will be dearly missed.


THURSDAY  june 21, 2018

This must be my year, as my work seems to be in demand, well no one is demanding :) but requests are happening to extend my exhibitions, being asked to bring additional work and being accepted at multiple juried exhibitions at the same time. I LOVE IT! This keeps me on my toes and gets those Creative Juices flowing.


There are moments that pass and I have to wonder if my passion is just feeding my desire to create and not catching the eyes of anyone else. Of course it's great and yes, I need to sell my work to help pay for my supplies, but also, it's heartwarming when someone wants my work to hang in their home, office, exhibition space or to be given as a gift to someone special. It's a compliment and very satisfying that I'm doing what I was meant to do, with my life. As an Artist, you are subject to public scrutiny, and the public is not always kind. That pain goes away once you find that your work is desirable. You need to develope a tough skin when you expose your work to the world, but it's worth it! I love what I do and can't imagine doing anything else, but that day may come...


A fellow artist and friend, has been out of commission for 2 months now. Her very life at risk from a sudden heart attack and then developing pneumonia on top of that.  Trying to support her and keep her spirit up, I visited her several times in the hospital and now at the rehabilatation center. Bringing her books and laughter, reading to her, bringing her art supplies to keep her mind off her situation in the hopes that too will speed up her recovery. Keeping an artist away from the opportunity to create is torture, and can set you on the road to depression. Somehow she needs to find a way to "Dance in the Rain" and I'll do what I can to help, but in the end, we all need to lift ourselves up and dust ourselves off and "Keep Dancing" any way we can. Art comforts, Art Lifts us Up, Art keeps us Smiling, Art is a Gift from Heaven because it does Lift My Spirit ~ God Bless you Andrea, prayers of healing and strength coming your way ~


Wednesday  june 6, 2018

A day spent wrapping carefully, and taping together face to face, my prime and latest Encaustic Hot Wax paintings to be taken to the Firehouse Art Center, for Julie to review and make selections. Last night I finished framing the pieces, and signing the backs. 11 out of 15 pieces were selected and set up along the wall, with a little shuffeling to see what they might look like, I left once Julie felt satisfied. She now had a big job of hanging the work, along with a little help. The even bigger job will be the Gallery which held the bulk of the New Artwork. Next week will be nerve wracking as the Opeing Reception will hold lots of people some for the first time at the Firehouse. I'll be able to share my process and hopefully sell a few pieces too! It'll be great because I can sit back and watch how the viewing public take in my work. One of my favorite things to do after my work has been hung. It tells an artist if you are heading in the right direction, and shows true reactions of your viewing audience. It's very rewarding when you get positive feedback, but also very telling when your work is overlooked too quickly. Of course art is subjective, but an overall feel will surely be had, when an artist takes the plunge and puts their work out for all to see. We paint for ourselves FIRST and then our viewing audience, but we do want to be accepted as "Artists," because that is where our Passion lives.


SUNDAY  May 27, 2018

A great day at Wente Vineyards in Livermore. It turned out to be hotter than anticipated and I didn't bring the EZup as I didn't think I'd need it and there was little room left in my van after loading the screens and paintings. Fortunately the organizer had pitty on me and found me an umbrella to pop open in my booth! Not before a small Encaustic piece melted a bit in the sun on the table I set a few pieces on. A prospective customer stuck her finger on a black bird I had on a small canvas and pulled back a black finger, wet with wax! All was not lost as my booth was one of the busy ones :) I sold 6 Encaustic Paintings and a few smaller molded resin pieces and 2 resin chalkboard paddles. Lovely being able to sell my work to people who truly love their selections. This was my first event here at Wente, and I will be back next year with a couple of other Artist Friends, to share in the experience.


Friday  May 18, 2018

A busy busy day, but a happy kind of busy. Early this afternoon, I dropped off some pieces of my Encaustic work to the Blackhawk Plaza in Danville for the "Primavera" exhibition. A two day show in the middle of the Rotunda in a beautiful mall where a stream runs through the middle. Fish and ducks frolick in the water that swishes around, pumped over rocks, recirculating. Bronze statues dot the Plaza and in the summer time Fridays Rock Out with local bands. This weekend on Saturday and Sunday, there will be wine tasting and awards given out during this Juried Exhibition.


Later in the afternoon I headed to the Pleasanton Fair Grounds to drop off a large Resin piece for "Artists Alley" where it will hang for the length of the Alameda Fair. This juried exhibition is fun and gathers artists from all over the bay area. Thousands of people will be able to view our work and have a chance to purchase our work, during a quick 4 weeks that they will be hanging.


Another Resin piece will be going to the Village Theatre Art Gallery, so I've prepared it to be hung, ready to be delivered in the next week for the "Mix It Up" juried exhibition. I am loving all the good vibes coming my way with these juried shows, because there are plenty that I get rejected from. Just like any artist who shows their work, you better build up a thick skin, because art is subjective and what is excellent to one judge, may not be good enough to another.


Enjoy the good times and have patience and confidence through the bad times. We all experience Success and Failure, otherwise we wouldn't be human. Never give up, Never surrender!


Wednesday  February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day! Time to show your Love to those who's been in your life, in the ups and downs and even sidways ;) I'm off to enjoy the Harrington Gallery with a friend, then a great dinner downtown with my honey, at a favorite place I like to call my office at times, Albertos Cantina. While I know there are those who don't like today for a variety of reasons, I hope you take the time today, to make it extra special for those you love. CHEERS!


Wednesday  January 3, 2018

Happy New Years! 2017 was a year of Discovery so 2018 will be a year of Perfecting all that I learned this past year. I'm really looking forward to fine tuning my techniques in Resin and Encaustic Painting, as well as developing some very Unique pieces in Metal Works. Taking time to share Monterey and Napa with a neice from Ireland who is traveling the world... ah to be young again. I'm also going to take more time for myself, getting in shape and working on getting strengh back into my hands. Carpal Tunnel really is a game changer and I'm still working on embracing the challenges while still doing what I need to do, which is as much as possible, with family, friends and my passion for artful things. Oh yes, let me mention that January 1, 2018 has also brought to California, Marijuana being legal to ALL ~ CHEERS to Prop 64!


SATURDAY  November 4, 2017

After being back for a couple of weeks, from our trip to Ireland, I'm getting back into the swing of things. My creative juices are flowing. It was great having 2 weeks in Ireland, visiting with family I hadn't seen in 14 years. We also spent a couple of days away in my favorite place KINSALE, a historic harbour town. New ideas cropping up, in line with the other many things I want to try next. 2018 will be the Next Chapter in my ArtFul Life. Groundbreaking developments in Encaustic and Resin art ~



The day was spent trying to create videos for YouTube. Social Media is really important if you're an artist wanting to get your work out there and learning more about your craft as well as seeing what other artists are doing. Artists Inspire each other and that's the other part of the day that has quickly turned into night. We had triple digits here, as far as weather is concerned, and will be that way for a few more days at least! Since I'm stuck inside I might as well turn the air up and check out what my peers are up to. Working with Resin these days and learning soooo much, I took a peek at some Encaustic works by Shawna Moore. Love her work or perhaps her process is what I really love, besides her studio... to die for! Other artists who's work I'm enjoying on YouTube is Annemarie a fluid artist painter and Rita Kiss a resin artist ~ Enjoy the moments gang, they pass too quickly.


Wednesday  July 12, 2017

Just hung my work at the Village Theatre the other day with the exhibition theme "Pleasing to the Palette" where my "Shady Meatballer" is now on view.  At the same time I hung my latest Encaustic and Resin works at the Blackhawk Gallery, both in Danville.


It's been a crazy month but things have finally settled down a bit so I can get creative again. I've developed a nice inventory of Encaustic pieces in a variety of sizes and themes. I've worked on some Canvas Panels , 12x36 and I love them. I think I'll be working in this size for a while. When hung together they can expand in any room to create a large series or hang one or two for a smaller wall. They are so versatile!



My thoughts for this year is to be more involved with my social media, and to focus on my fine art and jewely, as well as my home. That's a lot but if I do it in the order in which I've stated it here, I think it will work. So here I am with yesterday of Social Media behind me for the Blackhawk Gallery in Danville & ADAS / Alamo Danville Artists' Society for which I am a part as an Artist and Publicity Director. It's a juggling act, for sure, but one that is very satisfying at the moment. Now I'm trying to update my site, needing as I just found out, a new application to show my Instagram...Not sure where the old one went, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I just need to "Do It." So today I Just Do It ~


Friday December 9, 2016

Time is flying by and the year is coming to a close. A huge weight is hovering over us all, as 36 lives were lost in a Warehouse fire in Oakland that housed Artists and their followers & friends during an evening of what should have been a Fun and Creative time. While music played and people chatted, laughter was heard on a video posted by a friend or someone who was actually there and was lost during this horrific accident. It was about 10 in the evening when this art collective of creative souls gathered and was lost by an electrical fire, which may have started in the back of the building. Still under investigation, and still questions of how this all unfolded, but what is clear, this isn't the only warehouse gathering where creative people gather illegally, because there isn't anywhere that is affordable or given to those who are making their way in the world of Creativity in the Arts. Landlords who sit on Empty buildings and lots, would rather keep them empty and in disrepair instead of lending a hand in their communities to help those who need a helping hand to grow and make a difference in the world. It takes a Village to make positive important changes in the world, but if the Village turns a blind eye and greed leads the way, horrific things like lives lost, will continue to happen, when there doesn't seem to be any other way to get by. Squatting in abandoned buildings aren't new, but making the building owners responsible to make these buildings safe should be a law! The city should be making sure building owners do something to make these buildings safe or bring them to the ground, after all, they do collect taxes for these buildings, if they are up or not. The city has a responsibility as well as the building owners to make property safe or pay the price with jail time or heafty fines or lawsuits that pay the families for their loved ones who have perished because of the negligence by all involved. Someone collected money all the way down, from the man how rented out the space, to the owner of the building, to the city. 36 lives were lost needlessly. This is America... we need to show the way, to a better way to grow our people, safe, sound and thriving. It takes a Village ~ RIP Ghost Ship Artists



Only a few days after the shocking results of the President Elect, even though the majority / Popular vote went to Hilary Clinton, the electorial votes went Trump's way... Time to get rid of the Electorial Voting System. We watched not believing what we were seeing on election night, everyone was stunned and stumped. Crowds in the city were bringing it to the streets and rebelling, bringing traffic to a stop all over the states, for days. Marching and voicing their thoughts that most of Americans objected to such an outcome. Such a rediculous reality and so insulting, and an embarrassment that we the people would let that happen.  Americans couldn't help but react. I felt sick to my stomach, stuck to the TV for days, until finally I decided like most people, that you didn't want it to impede on our ability to have joy in our lives again. We need to accept that fact that at least we have other offices in government that will hopefully keep Trump from pressing the "button," ending life as we know it. Things will change and I believe we will be taking a few steps back, but hopefully it will be a lesson to us all, and not cause too much turmoil that sends us back to the dark ages! Time to start taking notes on how the people of "The Walking Dead" and "Preppers" live. ~ Kidding Not Kidding!


Tues. October 25, 2016

This morning I had the honor of visiting (Bill) William Rushton's Art Studio. What a cool art studio! And what an amazingly humble, talented, accomplished, insightfull generous artist and man. The three hours we spent picking his brain and going through his creative process was priceless. Canvas after canvas, they all had a story, but unless you could chat with the artist, you wouldn't know. It's really a personal place, an artist's studio, so to open it up to mostly strangers, can be challenging and I don't think all artists would be willing. You have to be confident, and have gotten rid of the self concious clothes we all pile on, as artists, not sure of how you will be received. You have to have built up the scars to not care and to know, what you are doing is what you were made to do, and that's what counts most. I would almost give my right arm for his studio :) His studio has the energy and atmosphere of an Artist's dream. There is a sense of "Freedom" there. What I learned most from our visit with Bill, was that as an Artist, you have to "Unburden Yourself" to anything and everything that stands between you and the discovery of what you might be able to capture in the "Moment of Creating." Push yourself to possibly make a Mistake, because what you think may turn into a mistake, can actually be the Discovery of something very Magical!    THANKS BILL!!       MAHALO ~


WED. AUGUST 31, 2016

Enjoyed a day painting Plein Air with my buddy Loralee Chapleau who is a Landscape artist that works Plein Air on a regular basis. I'm not a landscape artist but I do like to push myself and develope by practicing. Getting out doors and feeling the air on my face and the sounds of nature is stimulating and a great experience when painting with friends. Get out there today and Enjoy the Moments they past way too quickly! This weekend Spetember 4,5,6th is the Sausality Art Festival a perfect time to mix and mingle with the Artists and their work, live music, food and drink!


FRI. AUGUST 26, 2016

Wow, time has flown by! I've been very busy creating and experimenting with Metal and finding out how to be creative with it in jewelry making. Trying to fit in days where I can focus on my Paintings. Reflecting on my life and what time I have left, what I want to do with it all at this point and realizing that I'm already into my "older age!" I sure don't feel that way and on all counts people don't feel I look it either. Time to Embrace the Limitations of Life* UGH! My latest paintings are a series on Dia de los Muertos DAY OF THE DEAD a Celebration of Loved Ones

that have Passed ~


Sun. December 27th 2015

Creativity knocked on my door and I've been enjoying hammering away at metal, transforming it into wearable art. It's amazing how good it feels when you can express yourself in such a way it reflects a little of yourself. I want to share my work with you, at the most reasonable prices I can, so I can continue on this journey. Check out my jewelry by clicking above, and if you feel like you'd like to have something made especially for you, just ask, I'd be happy to make that happen! E-mail me after looking things over: PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com


WED. August 5th 2015

Morning coffee on the Deck, chatter and Hawaiian music playing in the background, all gone. That big smile and appreciation with a surprise of something familiar like Lobster Chapino gone, trying to cook up an old recipe that mom used to cook and enjoy so much gone, talking about the past and her experiences first hand gone, trying to make each day better than the last gone, kisses on the back of my hand with expressions of love and appreciation gone. Now all that's left other than sweet memories, is mom's Memorial Service on Saturday. The gratitude that I had these last moments of my mother's life, one on one each day, fill my heart with joy as my eyes swell with tears. Painting Ideas flash throught my mind. Gone but not forgotten, Love you Mom, Aloha ~


Sun. june 28th 2015

OK here's a big one. I moved my mother in with me exactly 20 days ago because she is at that point in her life where it is no longer safe for her to live alone. She's always been independent and strong minded but there comes a time when the children need to step in. So I swooped in and filled my car with her clothes and her along with them. It's a journey as anyone can tell you that's been on it, as it's tough on both the parent and the kids and their families that become the caretakers. Just to give you an idea what I'm dealing with. My mom is a: smoker - beer drinker - recently blind -  dementia (possibly the beginning of Alzh.) - stubborn little lady. Can talk like a saylor when provoked or not, and can be sneaky. But along with all that, very appreciative of the undertaking of being a caregiver to her. We all try to laugh together (God knows you need a healthy heaping of humor to add to this mixture) with the situations that pop up, but empathy is the trick. You must have Empathy and Humor to get through this. One without the other is like quicksand and it will swallow you up. These thoughts would make a good painting... hmmmm ~


Wed. May 20th 2015

Have you run into or experienced Carpal Tunnel? As an Artist in my late 50s, an active person all my life in work and play, I'm having that experience now. Working at Michaels injured my hands, with a steady flow of popping open boxes of art supplies at a fast rate and lifting heavy boxes up high on shelves. Annoying to say the least. Had the Release Surgery for it last week and here I am wrapped up (only one hand) and at the computer. It's hard to keep an active creative person down. It may be too early to say but, I don't think the surgery has done a thing for me. The tips of my fingers are still numb... Nothing major, others have it worse, so I won't complain. It won't stop me from doing what I do, and don't let it stop you either. I was told to leave it wrapped for the two week period until I get the stiches out but... yeah I took a look to be sure I was healing properly since the doctor had no interest. Grateful I don't paint with that hand ~ Right hand next year...

Ireland 2017
Monterey 2017
Food at the Farmhouse Thai Restaurant
At lunch at the Farmhouse
Loralee at the Farmhouse
Lunch with Loralee
Dirty Pour
Sterling Silver Wing & Heart
Field of Sunflowers
Harriet Kahululani Ayau
Close Up
On Bated Breath We Wait 1
Spiritual Collage
Red Hair
Hawaiian Background
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