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Care of your ENCAUSTIC Paintings

While ENCAUSTIC hot wax hardens, it can get scratched, so handle them with Care. Each piece is an Original and can not be reproduced. Gently Clean when needed by buffing with a soft cloth or old pair of nylons.


Be sure to keep out of direct light if possible. Most Fine Art can be compromised if exposed to Light, Heat or extream Cold.


If you ever have a "MissHap" with paintings you've bought from me, let me know. I may be able to repair it for a small fee. Contact the artist: PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com


Enjoy your ENCAUSTIC paintings and notice, depending on the lighting, colors sparkel and dance, become richer or subtle. Metallic, Translucent and Mat coloring added to Clear and Color Tinted ENCAUSTIC Hot Wax, then painted onto the canvas or board to Create Unexpected layers of Beautiful Combinations. ENJOY!

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