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The Creative Process

Developing painting ideas on the canvas is such a rich experience. There are times I might sketch out an idea, but these ideas are normally very loose. They also morph into other ideas along the way, adding or changing it up all together depending on how I feel, the images in my mind translate onto the canvas. It's not always easy, but it's always heartwarming, when it comes together. As long as I have a painting in my studio, on my walls or in the gallery, until it is in the hands of a customer, my work is ever changing, and always evolving as is Life.
Review My Creative Process and come along for the journey, as I share this experience. Pour a glass of wine, a cup of tea or coffee, whatevery you like to savor and let your mind take in what my paintings have to say. 
Some paintings take only a step or two, and others many more*

The most labor intensive portion, is beginning my oil paintings. Using white acrylic paint with a palette knife, letting it dry, then gobbing on oil paint to be pushed into the nooks and crannies only to be wiped away. This leaves a sort of staining process and defines the strokes of the palette knife. It's very satisfying seeing all the details come to life. And then the imagery begins ~

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