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Have you done an "Exchange with Strangers" before? I've done a national ART exchange before with a different group and it turned out OK, meaning I got my exchange, but only after advising those in charge I didn't receive anything on the date assigned even though I sent mine out on time. Once I notified them they reassigned me and then it worked out. That one was with jewelry. Makers create everything they send out.

This time I'm working with an ENCAUSTIC ART CARD EXCHANGE which is international. My pieces went to The Netherlands. How cool is that! The thing is you are to send one card, but since I normally work in series, I sent all 3, why not. The only problem is that the cost to send it oversees is double the cost of keeping in domestic.... So I mailed it off, for close to $20 and contacted the group coordinator and requested that next time, keep my match up in the US only because of the cost. They understood and agreed. Now I'm just waiting on my exchange to reach me :) Really looking forward to it! I'll let you know how it goes, meanwhile here's what I sent to my Exchange buddy.

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