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Had a great time at the Makers Market in Walnut Creek. My neighbors on either side was a Potter and a Wood chopping board maker. An all American Art Fair where the makers are the ones selling their things and created them here is the US. Some fairs have so commercial and charges the artists way too much money, but the Makers Market seems fair to all, therefore we as Artists can keep our prices lower than it would be if we were selling our things in an Art Gallery. Just what I do from time to time. When I exhibit my work in a gallery I have to raise my prices to almost 50% higher, so I can pay for my cost (what it cost to make my item) and a little for labor. When a gallery or in case Art Promoter takes a commission on your sale and charges you for the space, they are making a lot and most artists have a hard time making up the difference. Some don't make money at all (like my two neighbors at Maker Market). Buying hand crafted art works has gone down as the economy is still struggling and has been for many years now. So I try to have a wide range of items in both the Small area $15 bowls to higher $300 for a 20" TableTop to $2500 large Encaustic Painting.

Sunday was a beautiful fall day in downtown Walnut Creek and everyone came out to enjoy a day of shopping or window shopping. At the Makers Market there was music by (?) didn't get his name) a guitarist that was perfect.

Once the sun went down though or even started going down around 4ish, my booth was getting darker and my things just didn't have that shine...I need to think about lighting if I'm going to continue with these fairs! Here are a few pics, enjoy!


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