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Boundary Oak VENUS

I'm going to be submitting 2 pieces for the Boundary Oak Exhibition in Walnut Creek coming this September THIS YEAR :)

I'm so excited that many conditions are now lifted from the dark cloud of COVID that has been darkening our world this past year. On June 15th most restrictions are lifted in California, and I am now enjoying not wearing my mask and feeling a lightness in may soul, I haven't felt in a long time.

I'm working on the second submission for exhibition. The first piece is a table top called BOUNDARY OAK POND and the second piece will be a Standing Sculpture called BOUNDARY OAK VENUS. My husband helped me with the heavy work :) of slicing into the Wedge, chiseling out sections and heavy sanding. I designed the cut outs and will be doing the fine sanding, detailed carvings, Resin work and finishing touches.

Enjoy the process along with me by checking back - CHEERS!

It's still a Work in Progress. There is much sanding yet to come, along with detail hand carving and Resin Pockets to create that will hold a small plant or two and other surprises yet to come. The Resin and Oak wood base (below) is still being worked on as well before it will be attached to the Standing part of this beautiful piece.


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