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Biden/Harris 2020 WINS!

Today a pressure was released for all of us who have been feeling the ill effects of the last 4 years. It's going to take time to Undo all the problems Trump has created from the Presidential seat, but there is a Lot Of Good that Biden and Harris will be able to accomplish in the next 4 years.

America is divided at this moment and the numbers reflect it, but as the Economy and COVID starts to be acted upon appropriately, by the Newly Elected President, Biden, and his Vice President Harris, the world will see the light, from the darkness that had settled upon us in America.

There will be an unveiling of how badly things have been done, for the majority of Americans, as things turn around with the Biden/Harris team in the Whitehouse.

Those that have been getting richer during this time, while everyone else suffered, will pay the price, in due time, along with those who participated in Criminal Activities under the skirt of the Trump Whitehouse.

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