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Phase 3 - Boundary Oak

Day 3 working on my Table Top Oak and Resin submission, is another layer of Clear Resin and some detail embedded items.

First thing is to mix my resin and put it into the Vacuum Chamber, which is a valuable item in my tool kit. My fabulous husband bought me this for Christmas and it couldn't have been better. He is truly so supportive of my art career, because that's what it's turned out to be. He didn't marry an Active Artist, but now has to live with one, so the jewel of a husband he is, has helped me along the way at every turn.

So after the Resin is taken out of the chamber, I slowly pour it around the wood pieces and keep a little reserve. I then pick out what I want sunk into the resin, because this will all be under other layers of resin at some point. I go to my Formal Living Room that has been changed into my Art Studio ;) Did I say my husband is a jewel! I picked out items such as Moss, Black Pebbles, Dried Mushroom, Aqua Marine Stones, Crystal Quartz stones, Abaloni Shells, Sea Shells, and Small Resin Koi (I made earlier from molds) in assorted color combinations.

Placing them in selected places gently. Once I was satisfied I added white ink in certain areas mixing it into the clear resin, trailing it around to create motion to give the illusion of water movement.

Lastly I layered the left over clear resin over the top of the oak pieces. Now to be patient and wait until tomorrow when I can layer "Aqua" tinted resin that will be transparent. Can't wait!! Check back and see what I've come up with. There will be a few more Phases before it will be complete and then on to the next project. It's all about LAYERING ~ CHEERS!


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