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Fired Up in my Studio :)

It's ENCAUSTIC time again! I'm in the studio working on Encaustic hot wax again, at long last. While resin has taken up most of my Creative time, I've now turned to painting again. It's definitely a shifting of gears with artistic muscles. It takes a minute to get back into the grove and there are things I want to experiment with as well. Trying new things with the materials I have at hand is something that fuels me. Wax is very flexible and when you have the techniques down, you can sculpt with it. I haven't really done that yet, so that is where I'm heading. Trying to learn from others that have ventured before me, I lean on what they are willing to share and then take it a step further with experimentation, to give it my own voice. Check back and see what I've developed over the next few months. I exhibit my work DAILY for your Viewing Pleasure and Purchase at the Blackhawk Gallery in Danville and other venues around the Bay Area from time to time. You can always see what I'm up to or order from the comfort of your home or office here online, at this my official artist website ~

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