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Fires Under Control

Three weeks worth of Fires throughout California, that were out of control, has finally ended and as of today, some are still burning but they are all mainly under control at this point and many have been extinguished.

The air has been clear to breath for the last 3-4 days. Such a crazy feeling of uncertainty for so many of us, and heroic acts from firemen and their associates, making it as safe as possible for the rest of us. Here at the Pleasanton / Alameda Fair Grounds the base camp for Firemen was set up as well as a Base Camp for PG&E. Vehicles and tents, trailers and open tents filled the parking lot and with each passing day as I drove by, I gave thanks for them, and prayed for their safety. While the Base Camp is still there, they are prepared in case things ignite again, because fire season is still upon us. We are headed into 4 straight days of triple digits and there are a lot of dry grass in the hills, left untouched from the previous fires. I am grateful for these men and women who step forward putting themselves in harms way, for the rest of us. Signs posted on the fence surrounding the Base Camp has been decorated by the community, thanking them and praising them for their bravery. I hope that cheers them up, knowing how grateful we are, because it must be a scary thing to face, day after day, hour after hour, minute by minute.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart ~

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