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#AloneTogether COVID-19

It's Shelter in Place for most of the United States, since March 16, 2020 and it's a challenging and scary time in our history and lives. There are hold out states that really out of ignorance waited until they are seeing the horror coming closer to them, and still others aren't on board. God help them. I've been Sheltering since the beginning of March a couple of weeks before California officially started, because I have lung issues from hay fever and scarring from cleaning chemicals, which sometimes when triggered turns to asthma. Hay fever may be genetic because my kids have it as well, and my husband started developing it so we had masks on hand with PM2.5 filters. I also am a resin artist so I had wipes and gloves on hand too. So toilet paper and Kleenex was really the only issues we have like most of the world, so we got a bidet attachment to add to our toilet, just in case...

I've been making resin dice to make my friends and family members smile and thought I might as well make it open to the public to order too. Pictured is my good friend and artist Loralee Chapleau keeping distance while I dropped off a set of dice for her family to enjoy, along with a few other goodies. Soon I'll be making the rounds to more friends in the hopes that I can bring a little sunshine on these cloudy days, while still keeping our distance, dropping off these darling dice.

Take Care and be Smart. Keep your distance, wear your masks when you leave your home until this virus is a memory in our rear view mirror. God Bless and my thoughts and prayers go out to the world in our commonality of #AloneTogether.

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