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Alameda County MASK Required COVID-19

Today marks a first of REQUIRED Mask use, when leaving your home. If you go anywhere where you might not be able to distance yourself 6ft or more, you MUST wear a mask. From today on, and it could be for awhile (a year or so) be sure to carry a mask with you. Don't have a mask, make one. It's as easy as just using a piece of cloth, scarf, t-shirt cut in half and wrapped around your face. This protects you and anyone you come in contact with, as much as possible, but there is still no guarantee that you don't contract the COVID-19 virus. Wearing gloves is a good idea too. Better to be safe than sorry and if you get it, it can kill you or you may pass it to family members. Not worth the risk. Make it fun and make a bunch to go with what you are wearing. Make a statement with your mask. Get creative and playful with your designs. Who doesn't have a million t-shirts stuffed in a drawer?

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