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It feels exciting and scary all at the same time. We know how Cruel Tump can be and how ruthless he behaves. But we have the history of strength and good will of the many.

I have faith that there are more people out there that think the way I do,

that believe we all have the same rights,

that we all deserve to be treated with dignity and fairness,

and that we can always be better without bringing someone else down.

To me this Election Day will show so much, and it is the most important election that America has yet needed to face, in my time. It will predict our futures for generations to come. We as a Nation must choose the Light over Darkness TODAY.

Can the Light outshine the Darkness

Can we Turn another Page

Can we Walk along with Kindness

Can we Turn away from Rage

Clouds have Gathered creating Darkness

Time to Wipe away the Rain

Time to Feed the Earth with Fairness

Time to make a Better Day

Claudette McDermott

Biden / Harris ~ November 3, 2020 Election Day

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