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ReWorking an Oil painting

In the past I've worked mainly in Oil. I love texture on the canvas so most of my work has texturing on them, that is very distinctive. When I began working with Encaustic hot wax and Resin that I tint then pour, I decided I had more than enough oil paintings that I wasn't totally in love with. I could easily reuse those works, with my new pieces. I researched online to see if other people were doing it and they were. You can slightly sand the surface to be sure that the medium will secure itself to the substrate. Some people I noticed only coated their work with clear Encaustic wax or clear Resin and called it Encaustic and Resin work, which to me is incorrect. That would be like framing an oil painting and then putting glass over it and calling it a Glass Painting. I completely change the imagery with layers of new imagery in Encaustic hot wax or Resin. It's nice to have portions of the oil paintings peeking out, but overall the piece is completely a new work of art. Historically Master artists of old have painted over their pieces from time to time, and with modern technology, you can see what is behind the current painting. We are not much different than artists throughout the ages, following our passion, and trying to be creative with our limited supplies.

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