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ALL in a Days Work

Setting the stage I gathered my tools. The First Step was to Design and Get Creative. Punching out holes into the metal shapes in front of me of Brass, Nickel Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Pewter, and Alkeme, was the Second step.

The labor intensive part begins when I load one by one, a single rivet into each hole, flip it over then begin tapping away, gently and rythmically, to create the heads which will plug each hole leaving demention onto the flat metal. Making sure each rivet is smooth, rounded and not sticking up too much, yet not flattening it out, thereby loosing it's charm. It's a task that is time consuming but well worth the effort.

Deciding to Antique or leave a piece Natural, is the final touch. This will give it a finish that will speak to the client and is very much reflective of the personality of the buyer. I personally love both looks and I will wear one over the other depending on how I feel that day or what I'm wearing, or where I'm going.

Build your Jewelry collection to show Variety, your Style and your Personality.

~ ALL METALworks Jewelry can be CUSTOMIZED to suit Your Needs ~

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