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What goes TAP in the Night? ME!

Being on a roll can run all night long, and that's what my night was like last night. Tap Tap Taping away until 4 A.M. :( Must have drove a few of my family members a little crazy ~ I had hoped that I was hammering light enough, as the thinner wire didn't need agressive hammering, but my daugher clued me in that she heard me. Oh well, that's what happens when you share space with other people, even if they are your family members. When the house is quiet that's when my Creative juices flow, what can I do? There was a suggestion of building a Structure outdoors for me from my daughter (I'd Love that!! My own little Artist Cottage) but my husband wasn't too enthused when I mentioned it last summer. Perhaps with the increase of noise from my new found MetalWorks Metal Smithing, he will change his mind, after all, painting makes No Noise at All!

I tapped out 13 Stackable Bracelets last night. It took longer than normal just because I was in the Development Mode while making them. Testing out the limits of bending and hammering as well as what lengths I needed. I also worked with 3 different metals. Most things worked out and others were a matter of getting educated in trial and error. I loved every minute and I'm ready for those Orders to Roll In. Check it out on my Jewelry pages, I'm adding NEW things all the time. ENJOY! Mahalo ~


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