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The BIG Draw 2015

While the morning was chilly starting out, it warmed up just enough to keep us going without making us hide for cover. Artists from all over came to share their talents and help the fundraising efforts by PCAC Jill Vellinger and her team. I used up most of my time adding my dog Ipo, at the last minute that caught the attention of many, bringing smiles. I also added an eye to the Artist coming out from the hole in the ground, to help the viewers understand what the image was... Surrealism is a challenge to understand at times :) but I do like the end result. A judge came by at one point and put a "W" in my square, but in the end, they took so long to announce the winners (The chairs were removed and mic) in the area where entertainment took place, that most artists and crowd had left, and I missed some of the winning names.... I'm sure they will get ahold of me if they did end up selecting me in one of their catagories. After all, it's not about winning, it's about enjoying the process and sharing with the public at large, the work I'm passionate a bout ~ ART.

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