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Touching up on a few paintings today. The temp outside is in the 90's and that's perfect to set the oil paintings out to dry after I work on them a bit. At the moment I'm updating 5 pieces. Is it normal to work on so many at one time? Not sure for anyone else, but it's my "Normal." I find it's good to walk away from a painting after some time, to revisit it later and look at it with "Fresh" eyes. It works for me, how about you? It's like watching a movie you like over and over again. You find things you hadn't seen before. OK back to work ~ The canvas pictured above is partially painted by an Artist Friend Heidi Manning. She hadn't finished it along with a few other pieces, because of a disease she continues to fight that has left her unable to use her hands easily. She's an amazing person and artist and while she was able to, she was First Class in her ability to bring Landscapes, Still Life and just about anything she worked on, to Life. She graciously gave me a number of pieces she was working on so I could reuse them. On the piece above, I took her partially finished landscape that was Vertical, and turned it in a horizontal position. I began to paint over the top and decided to leave the translucent quality of the work to show some of her original painting. The more I look at it I love it and I think it's a grat way to honor her work, blending both our moments of working on what we love, painting on canvas.

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