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A Necessary Shut Down yet again

It's nearing the end of the year and there are still so many that have their heads in the sand, or in the clouds...who feel that the COVID19 Pandemic is a farce. As numbers climb for the infected and the death tolls rise, it has become clear that those disbelievers are bringing numbers up and therefore a required Shut Down of many businesses and un-necessary travel is in place. Required mask use will continue even after the vaccines have arrived will be necessary as well for the rest of next year, most likely. Time will tell, but until everyone is onboard with what it takes to bring numbers down life will not return to us as Normal. The past administration in the Whitehouse and their followers, mainly Republicans, has brought America to a rumbling halt because of their slow and blinded path trying to hide the deadliness of this virus. There is great hope with the New Administration, that we can push back the virus, and bring a stable economy back on track, with the cooperation of both the Republican and Democratic parties, working together, to solve this problem.

The Thanksgiving rush to airports was very disappointing and has proven to bring another Virus Super Spreader with another possible on the way. With Christmas just around the corner, chances are people will repeat their choices and head to the airports once again, unless stopped. How do we stop it? Close the airports. Have a complete shut down with only Hospitals, and necessary product retail (food and medicine) stores open. Seems simple, but why isn't that happening? If our health is at risk and numbers rising, bad decision making skills by a large majority, I don't see why we can't put these ideas to use for just a short time.

Things can not improve with just inoculations, because everyone won't be on board with them either. I believe in Democracy, but there has to be some sort of laws in place, if our lives are at risk and those that choose not to follow the rules aren't

made to comply! Begin with fines and then with house arrest!!

Time to start making ankle bracelets! Seriously ~

Pictured: Me in better days when a person could, at the drop of a hat, have a bite to eat with a friend... without fear of getting sick :( Those days will return, but until then folks, be safe and eat at home!


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