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In my Home Studio

There is a lot of positive things I have to say about having a "Home Studio" rather than, driving to a studio in another location. #1 I don't have to change out of my comfy PJs, and #2 On days that are cloudy and rainy, I don't have to venture out into the cold. Working with Pouring Resin and Encaustic Hot Wax may be a little messy, but I love working out of my home. I just wish I could have a Larger area to spread out all my gear and to be able to have classes here too... I do get asked if I would teach classes and I instantly want to say yes. Teaching can be a reasonable income and it's fun to share what you've learned through trial and error. Perhaps one day :) Meanwhile I can one day, but for now, in the comfort of my home, I create, I play and I discover that there are no limitations to the imagination. Wishing you all Love, Peace and a Boundless Imagination 🍷

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