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Off to a Good Start

2018 finds me more active and getting out there to educate the public about what I have to offer. My PopUP trunk shows in front of the Blackhawk Gallery in Danville are proving to be a good avenue to introduce and sell my latest MetalWorksJewelryToday designs in metal jewelry. I've also created a new series in Resin Pour painting layering resin and embedding paper shapes in between the layers, creating depth and interest. I'm really enjoying the experimentation that my Creative Side brings to my life and I hope you can continue to enjoy it along with me. I'll be looking into creating new work for FRESH WORKS 2018 at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton, PRIMAVERA in Danville and a series for a Wine Tasting Room in Jack London Square, Oakland. Also on my list of places to check out is Walnut Creek, a thriving downtown where my ArtWork and Jewelry collection may have a new base of clientele. CHEERS!

Pictured Below: Encaustic Hot Wax Painting

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