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Artist Studio of ~ William Rushton

On a cloudy morning a few of us headed out to visit with Artist William Rushton, who so generously offered to share with us his "Creative Process" by giving us an art demo, at his studio. All I can say is WOW, with a great big smile. As an artist who loves to paint with oil, I was happy to walk into Bill's studio and be met with the pungent odor of Oil paint. There is something so comforting and even exciting to have that smell lingering all around you. A great big hug of familiarity. It inspires me and gets those desires going, to run to my canvas, and start something NEW!

In an industrial area, his studio was classic to the setting, no frills. The jewel of it all, is that it's his "Space to Create, to let GO, to GET LOST in the process, to Enjoy the Journey of painting while exploring what might be discovered with each selection of color, swipe of the brush, turn of the hand." Layer upon layer, he shared his thoughts while he recreated the basic blocking of another painting, while choosing to not duplicate it, but to be re-inspired from a book cover photograph. A lovely humble man, talented artist, inspirational teacher, refined professional who knows who he is, has honed his craft and is sharing it with us this morning. Thank you Bill ~ Mahalo ~

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