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WIP Work In Progress

Have you wondered "How Does She Do That ?!" Well here I will share the process it takes to Create some of my pieces. Some of these are Commission Works, while others are just me doing my thing, investigating, experimenting and having fun developing something Unique. Every Artist has their own way of doing things, we don't always do things the same way, which is really the greatest way of "Finding Your Voice" as an Artist. 

Vacuum Chamber

My MOST VALUABLE tool for Resin is my Vacuum Chamber. This item will suck all the bubbles out of the Resin (or most of them) which will give you a Clear Glass finish. Gloves are necessary so I buy then by the boxes. You will still need a heat gun or small torch to pop bubbles that will surface when you pour your resin but it will be much more manageable. 

If I want to create a vessel that needs to be shaped, I pour a thin layer and wait a certain amount of hours before attempting to peel it off and lay it on to something or begin forming it. VERY TRICKY and rarely the same each time I do this. I'm using this process to create a sculpted vessel or bowl. Excellent in creating Appetizer Cuffs :) something Very NEW I'm developing.

Thin Layers
Cuff for Appetizers

This is a CUFF or WRAP that I have shaped and slipped into a wide mouth glass lined with plastic. RESIN WILL STICK TO MOST THINGS but if you place it on Plastic, it will come off like a charm. I have lined the glass with plastic. I will leave it this way until it is fully cured, which should take a few days. Curing depends on many things so I just check it daily to see if it will hold its shape.

Ooooooh Love this shot! Here we are looking down into the CUFF or WRAP. I love texture, so I have textured one side by pouring the resin onto a mold that I lined with Plastic Wrap. Sometimes this ends up in a disaster where the plastic won't release... I find with time it will but often if there is ANY overlap, this will be the issue. But the effect is PERFECTION.


Slumped, Weighted, Taped and Formed during the Curing Stage. After around 12+ hours I am Shaping this Free Hand Sculptural Vessel.

Slumping @8 hrs

It's challenging to figure out when is the best time to begin the Slumping Process. Nothing is exact and there are so many variables that contribute to a successful Slumping. Here are two examples Testing out SLUMPING TIMES. The dripping occurred after an 8 hour pour from a Flat shallow silicon rectangle mold. Firm Shaping occurred after a 10 hour pour from a circular silicon FLAT mold.

Slumping _10 hrs
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