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April 2021 Blossoming with Positivity

Vaccines of Pfizer, Moderna and J&J now available to Everyone, yet supplies are still an issue for many. My family has been all vaccinated (some with their first shots awaiting their second) with Pfizer yet having to go to ALL different places to get them. I was the lucky one that only had to go down the street to the Alameda Fairgrounds, but other family members went to: Oakland, Sacramento, Discovery Bay and Palo Alto. The City and Counties have to figure out a better way to get Vaccines and Booster shots more convenient to the public in their own counties or within 5 miles of home. I fear that there will be many that won't or can't travel far because of inconvenience or other valid reasons, so will not get vaccinated. This poses a danger to us all. There is a wrinkle with the J&J as of now, with blood clots for a few so far 6/1,000,000, in the US so the vaccine is being held back for now, until further research can be done. Other than that my big news is that the first of my grown kids has moved out! My beautiful daughter has moved to San Francisco with her BFF in the Marina area near Fort Mason and Japan Town, not far from the Financial District where she will be headquartered for work as a Paralegal, now working from home. Just a BART ride away. With two sons and a husband at home, I will be missing our relationship greatly but am thankful that she is adventurous as I was at her age. Excited for her but grateful to have my two sons still at home. She will always have a room and home to come home to, but I am taking advantage of the extra space, a little :) Just ordered some wall paper! After a year of Fear with COVID19, things are looking up in 2021 Peace and Love ~


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