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Answering a Call To Artists, for the town of Danville, CA was something I do all the time. I live close to Danville and show my work at a gallery there year round, but those are paintings and jewelry. This time around the call was for Public Art, a commission, to show in the town this summer (May 9th - September 19th), then to be auctioned off to raise funds for charity. The subject matter DOGS. Artists were to send in their ideas for how we would represent our work on these dog forms and from that, the selection would be made. We would be paid a flat fee for our time, material and expertise. I sent two ideas in and was selected to create one of them! While this is a new project for me, I am up for the challenge and have started to attempt to transfer my ideas from a drawing to actual work on my sitting dog. So here we go! Enjoy the ride along with me ~

Working at the Blackhawk Gallery this weekend, so I brought "BB" (Butterfly Beauty) along for the ride ;) I'll add a few more butterflies and then a thin coat of clear resin. Adding additional butterflies on top of that will give the feel of floating butterflies ~ Should be pretty cool! Wish me luck CHEERS!

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