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2019 Trinkets & Treasures

I find myself walking on the playful side these days, keeping my creative juices flowing with a few small items. While I wait for my next order of Resin to be delivered, I have a little left over so I decided to pour a decorative Resin center into a few small trays. They came out lovely! I grabbed my stamps and decorated the inside walls with slender stems and hearts. Dotted and stamped lettering on the rims, completed the look. Very cute and useful! I'm naming this collection "Trinkets & Treasures" because that's just what they can hold. Beside it being a little Treasure itself, it will hold your own collection of small trinkets and treasures that you've picked up along the way. I'm getting ready to scale up, so soon you will be seeing larger trays, elegant and playful to add to this collection.

Let me know what you think! E-mail me your thoughts and what you would like to see me make next :) seriously! PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com

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