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WhirlWind of Exhibitions

This must be my year ;) Happy as I am to be exhibiting in multiple locations at one time, at times, it's exhausting. I have a little time to breath at the moment, so I will turn to what gives me JOY, Encaustics. I've pulled out a larger piece I've been working on for months, that I've set aside. Sometimes your ideas just don't pan out the way you want them too. Kinda hit a brick wall with this one... although I'm tempted to give it another try before changing about 50 % of it. I love the textured section, I love the delicate cut outs sections where I painted in clear wax between the solid pigmented areas, and I like the window area... just not together. They just aren't meshing together. I'm distracting myself by rearranging a wall of Encaustics in my hallway, before I dig in and work on this piece. Fortunately working with Encaustics is easy enough because as it cools you can continue working on it. It doesn't have to be completely cold, in most cases. Or completely dry if working on an oil painting. I do miss my oils though... I digress ;)

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