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Firehouse Encaustic Exhibition!

June 7 - August 1st the Hall Gallery at the Firehouse Art Center, will be adorned with my Latest Encaustic Hot Wax paintings. I brought about 15 paintings for Julie to choose from and she selected 11. Honestly I was happy that so many were chosen. I know to curate a show, is a challenging predicament to be in. There are many ways to go with the process of placement, the order in which you select one to go next to the other, shapes, colors, lighting, space... so much to consider. The Opening Reception will be June 14th on a Thursday evening 7-9pm where the doors will fly open and invite all to see the New Art in the Lobby, Hall and Harrington Gallery. Join me as I share my work, my latest Passion, with Encaustic Hot Wax! CHEERS ~

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