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Playing with ArtResin

This year has been packed with happy surprises. A few weeks ago I was contacted by an owner of ArtResin, Rebecca Zak. She saw one of my postings on Instagram and checked out my work. She then contacted me and asked me if I'd accept a bottle of their resin, to created something and to post it. I happily accepted and experimented with Metallic/Pearl and Neon Resin Tints. I've been collecting molds but hadn't experimented with them much as I've been very busy creating for juried exhibitions I've recently been accepted into. 12 Encaustic Hot Wax paintings for the Firehouse Art Center in June, and a number of Resin Pours for Wente's Art in the Vineyards in Livermore, for the 27th of this month. I want to bring some Encaustic pieces to the Vineyard but if it's a hot day it could soften the wax... so it may be all resin work. Stop in and check out my work ~

Anyways :) my experience with ArtResin was great. The depth within the clear resin, while adding slight amount of the Metallic/Pearl tints, were amazing. I have to say unmolding is like opening up Christmas presents, exciting! You don't know exactly what you are going to get, but whatever it is, you will learn something from them. I learned that a good quality mold is important and it's not always how much you pay for the mold, because the most expensive mold was the least successful. I tossed the mold out after portions came off and stuck to the resin. UGH! My only regret is that I ran out of resin when I still had ideas of what next to try. Looks like I'll be calling on Rebecca to fill an order, because I'm on a roll now :) CHEERS!

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