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Encaustic Floral Series

I've been intensely working on my latest series in Encaustics, Florals. It's hard to step away when I'm in the thick of it all, but you must. After bonding the layers together, you need to let the wax cool before you work on the next, otherwise it just becomes a MuddyMess of melted wax, pooling into a wax puddle. Again you need to wait between shellac layering, for the shellac to completely dry, before touching the torch to it. Otherwise you end up with a Flaming Sizzle which can get out of control. Patience is Golden :) and worth the wait. It's also good to walk away from your work, so that when you come back you are looking at your work with "Fresh Eyes." A proper soup needs to simmer, just like Creating with Encaustic or any other medium. Take your time and savor the moments, in your studio ~ ENJOY

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