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Yountville, CA

I've Never heard of Yountville, but I've heard of Napa. Yountville is a town in Napa, I learned as I went to check it out this weekend. I received a "Call for Artists" through Cafe online, and it sounded interesting enough for me to check it out, and consider it for next year. What a lovely town! Not all that far from Pleasanton, it was a pleasant drive. Yountville's "Art, Sip & Stroll" started with set up at 8a.m. and breakdown was at 5p.m. A one day event many flocked to the town and enjoyed the festivities of the Art filled town that ran up and down their main street, Washington Street. The town boasts of 5 start restaurants, upscale specialty shops, galleries and wine tasting rooms. A perfect town for artists, foodies and Winos :) I am adding my hand into the mix of Artists, selling my work at their next Art Event ~ CHEERS! Check back and I will keep you in touch with my events, on my event page.

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