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Honeycomb BIRDS'n BEES series

I am really enjoying working with Encaustic hot wax. As an artist that shows my work I like creating in Themes. This helps my work have a cohesive look when hung together, so I am creating a series of works called "BIRDS'n BEES. My love of beeswax and for the grace of birds, put together, birthed my new series. What better way to express my love for beeswax than with a Honeycomb. I imagine it soaked with honey, close enough to touch it, but just out of reach. Layering with my stencil, I load up each piece with beeswax, some of them clear and others with a yellow tint. Then I heat and pull the stencil out of the wax, leaving the impressions of the honeycomb. Next I dab at it with oil paint and a soft brush. With time and care this piece is coming alive. Check back to see the end result!

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