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Cellular Activity

The Fluid Painting Artists' goal, for many, are creating cells. I found out about this style of painting by watching YouTube. Yes YouTube! It's amazing what you can learn to do with that site, very cool. Some of my favorite artists are MelyD and Annamarie. They are two artists that share their experiments and knowledge and through them I have mastered creating Cells.

The only issue with Cells, is keeping the cells from fading out or falling over the edge as the movement of the paint continues over an hour or so. This is mainly luck because unless you measure everything out precisely and recreate paint consistency exactly as it was each and every time, once you've created the perfect Cellular painting, it can't be the same.

There is a real joy to making these Cellular Activity Fluid Paintings ~ Enjoy and order one from me by giving me the color and size you'd like. E-mail me at: PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com

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