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While admiring other artists that take on Art Forms I've yet to try, I've never closed the door to my experimenting. Sketching and drawing has been a big part of my life since I was a child and I'm not giving it up, but find I need to take a brake after injuring my hands in 2014, while working. Since then I've had both hands operated on, but they are not the same. My hands can't take the punishment I put them through. I love texture on my canvas and when painting there are numerous steps and it's hard on my hands. They actually hurt for days after preparing a canvas, so I've turned to looking at other things I can do that aren't so labor intensive on my hands. While checking out YouTube :) and binging on art tutorials I stumbled across "Fluid Painting." I've seen these paintings before, while pretty, they didn't appeal to me artistically. Not until I discovered "CELLS" in fluid painting. Wow, it knocked my socks off! I ordered supplies and took notes and turned my dinning room into my work station.

The idea that YOU have to figure out a combination of mediums to mix together, and there is no knowing what the outcome will be, is exciting and scary all at the same time. NO TWO PIECES WILL EVER BE THE SAME because the Flow of the ingredients with the pull of gravity takes over once your formula hits the canvas. Most other art forms are all about YOU Controlling every outcome, but Fluid Painting is all about LETTING GO OF CONTROL ~ Check back and see my Inventory of FLUID PAINTINGS develop and if you feel the wow I feel and would like to have my creations in your Home, Office or want to give it as a gift, feel free to purchase here from my website. I DO CUSTOMIZE my work, so if you'd like me to Create something Special Just for You, just ask!

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