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Taking Shape Dia de los Muertos - Join me at the Reception: September 24th

These Sugar Skull paintings are taking shape as I add details. It's a 4 painting series with each of them having the color palette in common along with the them of white skulls. Where they differ is in the details. 2 will have the Meaning and History of Sugar Skulls/Dia de los Muertos written on them in the background, layered over the background painting with hand embellished skulls in black paint. The other two will have color paint embellishments on the skulls and a different layer of decorations layered on the background (I've yet to decide what that will be). I'm making decisions as I go along so even I don't know how they will actually look when I'm done! They will be hung in an Exhibition in Danville at the Blackhawk Gallery at the Blackhawk Plaza. Reception date: September 24, 5PM-5PM with wine and finger food ~ Join me and lets enjoy the work with artists who are Passionate and Unique ~ Purchase at Artist Prices too! My paintings are discounted during these events!!

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