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Be Seen / Juried Exhibitions

The painting Being Seen, is by Loralee Chapleau at the Harrington Gallery at a recent reception, open to the public. The only way to "Be Seen" is by being an Active Artist. It doesn't matter if you feel your aren't good enough (we all feel that way at some point and even now with some paintings we currrently create) because if you enter a Juried Exhibition, you will know if it appeals to someone who has a say in what is going to show at that Specific Exhibition. Artists can be their own worst Critic. There is an Art to being a Juror and a lot of respinsibility behind the task. That elected person, will have to view hundreds if not thousands of images (digital these days) and decide what will qualify and what will not. Sometimes it's based on Theme and other criteria, but it is Always based on the Finished product. If you are unsure, I suggest you join a Critique group in your area so you can be guided by seasoned artists until you feel you have a grip on what works and what goes into having a Finished piece. The only way to "Be Seen" is to take that Leap of Faith and put your work out there! Carpe Diem!!

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