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Painting with STILL LIFE in MIND

Taking on another challenge, which keeps things fresh in my Art and Life, a recent e-mail from my Wet Canvas subscription told about something new they were coming up with at their site. It's their "Artists Community Project" where they ask artists to write about a selected theme and attach their link to the blog bringing readers back to their site. Here is their link with my blog on Still Life to follow ~ ~ As a Surrealist painting a still life, takes a very different turn. Personally I do like to challenge myself and when I was in my studio thinking of what can I paint today I looked around to get inspired. I've always love the way the gobs of paint looked on my palette and have gone through many, always hanging on to them and nailing them to the wall, like finished art pieces. So I figured I shall make that my Still Life piece for the day. Not really excited about painting a bowl of fruit, which is common to paint in still life works, I decided I need to paint something the makes me smile, no matter what the challenge, hence the painting above of my painting palette. Once I actually painted the wooden palette and palette knife I had to decide how I wanted to paint the globs of paint. Without much thought I just loaded it with paint much like the canvas was my palette. Texture has always been desireable to me in my work so this was perfect and did draw a smile. Hope it did for you too. Remember that Still Life does not have to be a bowl of fruit, let it take you to something that brings a smile to your face and heart ~

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