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AMERICAN DREAMZ a study in Abstraction

As a Surrealist, working on Abstract pieces are like changing a channel. You need to think a bit differently and once I've done that, I'm good. There is a real freedom that comes with working in the abstract. I like to experiment and I've been working with Embossing Crystals for a while now, and really love the texture and light it brings to the canvas. It's important to remember that many things artists work with are toxic, and this is not an exception. I do this outside and these days with a mask, as my lungs have been giving me trouble lately. I'll be hanging this in Tully's on Main Street in Pleasanton in a few days, so drop by and take a peek then e-mail me and tell me what you think! It's better in person ~ Oil and Metallic on Canvas ~ AMERICAN DREAMZ. PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com

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