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SOLD! Beach Dweller's New Home

At a recent Reception for the Blackhawk Gallery, in Danville, opening a new 10 week exhibition, my painting "Beach Dweller" sold. Receptions can be hectic, loud and crowded but it can also be fun and interesting. Meeting new people, artists and prospective clients, is stimulating. A glass of wine in hand, lends a mellow tone to the evening. Chatting with Sharon who later turned out to be the buyer of my painting, was great. Delivering the painting a couple of days later was even better. I got to see my painting's new home, and get to know the buyer a little better too. With other works hanging in her home, I could see she had an attraction to Surrealism that went beyond my piece. It was a compliment to see that her other selections were of high calibur and pieces I would enjoy hanging in my own home. Beach Dweller, now hangs in her dinning room where it will trigger whistful memories of days on the beach with her daughter, playing in the sand. This is what I want for my paintings, to find homes with those who will get a positive experience from viewing it, each time they walk into the room. The thought brings a smile to my face as well, just thinking of it. "Aloha Beach Dweller and Thank you Sharon ~ Mahalo"

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