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Dirty Pour Close Up

Pictured is a 24" x 24" Abstract Multi Color RESIN Painting - Available


"Fluid Painting" is a form of art that makes you feel like a scientist on the brink of discovery. After you've created a Potion of Mediums, mixing things together like a chemist, you tip your cup and the MAGIC BEGINS ~ Enjoy the wonder and get caught up in the Details, because that's where the excitement is in FLUID PAINTING ~ Purchase what you see here or Custom Order Something Just for you or as a Gift!    **Tell me the colors you want and I'll do the rest ~


Food Safe and Heat Resistant to 100 degrees (coasters/hot coffee) - Clean with a soft wet Alcohol Wipe to avoid scratches. If your Platter Resin pieces become misshaped, lay on a flat surface and it should flatten out. If this does not work apply short bursts of heat, swiping it back and forth, from your hair drier or heat gun. *Store Flat*

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Photos of these RESIN pieces have some Reflection as the Resin has a High Gloss, Glass like Finish * Click image/ Full Details

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Irregular Edges make these coasters interesting and gives it the name of GEODE Coasters. Layers of Translucent and Bright Resin colors with a touch of White. Purchase what you see or Custom Order your Favorite colors! Use as Trinket Trays or to serve Small Bite Food Tastings! Cherry Red GEODE Coasters Food Safe and Heat Resistant to 100 deg. $10 each