Resin Creatures   

Magical   Mysterous   Spiritual

When I am pouring my ArtResin (non toxic, non yellowing) and layering the tinted resin colors on top of each other (a dirty pour) it's so exciting! Some layers become transparent, sink or float, and you just don't know the order in which these colors will show. My intensions are purely to create something that I can bond with, pleasing to the eye, or something completely unique. I share my work by posting them, hanging them in galleries and selling them to clients who really love my work. Art is powerful and uplifting or it can send you spiraling into the deep recesses of your mind. Depending on what you need, you can find it in Fine Art ~ ENJOY

E-mail me if you are interested in any of These Pieces.. PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com ~ These Paintings Ship within the USA only*

Purchase what you see, or custom order it! Contact me to Commission A Specific Color Range & Size that suites Your Needs.

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