Custom Dice 

DOMINO Set of 28


If you look closely you will see Champagne Bubbles, frozen in motion. 

Fun and Unique these will surely bring a smile to your face or as a gift.

DND Dice 1-2 colors $20 per set / Add embedded items $30 per set.

CLASSSIC DICE sets of 4 $15 / Add embedded items $20 per set or $5 each

OVERSIZED CLASSIC DICE sets of 3 $15 / Add embeded items $20 set or $7 each

DOMINO Set of 28 : Classic Dot $35 - Cannabis Leaf $45 CUSTOMIZE - YOUR CHOICE OF COLORS

~ Order them in any color & color combination or order what you see.

~ Add: Foil Cannabis Leaves of Green, Silver or Gold. Add Foil Moon & Stars, Opal Confetti, Black Confetti or Flamingos ~

~ Request Indentions Inked or left Naked ~ Options:  Classic black or white, but any color is possible ~

E-mail me with your Order and Questions:

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