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Art Rooms

Sometimes it's hard to Visualize what the ART would look like on Your Walls. I've created ART ROOMS to make it easier. These slide shows will exhibit selected works in a Variety of Rooms to give you an idea of what they can look like, on your walls. If there is a painting that you would like to see here, let me know and I can place a painting in a room for you to view, at your leasure. Contact me:
Hot Wax Paintings

Layers of Bees Wax and Damar Resin, melted together and heated in between each layer, to bond to the previous layer.


Each painting has 25 or more thin layers of wax, to complete each piece.


*Custom Orders Available

*Framed or Unframed

*Originals Only


Bumble Bee series

Butterfly & Lace series

On Bated Breath WE WAIT 


Red Floral Stem series

Ocean Wave series


Canvas Paintings

My favorite part of creating an Oil painting, is working the subject out on the canvas, on the fly. Texturing and staining the background is labor intensive and a slow process, but it gives my work a Unique Signature. 


*Custom Orders Available

*Framed or Unframed

*Oil & Mixed Media Paintings

*Originals Only



Morning Meditation

HeartBeat of the City

Bearded Iris

Kimono Girl


Plumeria Dreams


Wall Art & Platters

Working with Resin, (a 2 part epoxy) is always surprising. With the resin I've chosen to work with, ArtResin (Food Safe), I have approximately 45 minutes to work with it. Once you add something to the resin it begins to cure quicker. I've done a lot of experimenting throughout these past 2+ years, in order to get to know the limitations this resin allows. Sometimes frustrating, but always exciting and you just never know exactly what the outcome will be, which is part of the draw for me. 

Make your request and I'll take it from there. We will both be delighted and surprised!


*Custom Orders Available


*Originals Only



KOI POND - Platter / Wall Art

GALAXY - Platter / Wall Art

WINTER WHITE - Platter / Wall Art

OCEAN - Platter / Wall Art

GEODE - Purple Amethyst Wall Art

GEODE - Green Jade Wall Art

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